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How to Support Someone Who Has Breast Cancer

When somebody has breast cancer, the one thing that is most important to them is having a good support group around them that can give them reassurance when they’re feeling low. However, being a care giver certainly isn’t easy, so we have some tips to help you along the way.

Giving back what they deserve

For those who have previously had breast cancer and it led to them having a mastectomy, it is no hidden fact that their confidence levels have dropped. A way of helping them get back on their feet is through medical tattooing where technicians will restore the areola, by creating the illusion of a nipple. Find out more.

The best permanent makeup artists will have a specialised service to clients that decide to undergo this treatment. No procedure is the same and is tailored to your unique situation, giving you the best results possible.

They’re still the same person

Make sure your loved one knows just how important they are to you. Regularly show them that you still care despite changes that they experiencing both physically and mentally. See current campaigns.

 But, how can you do this?

  • Give them a call or text a few times a week
  • Meet up with them in person for a few hours
  • Send them funny pictures, texts and messages

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